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Why Go is the Preferred Choice for Cloud Native Development

Cloud native development is a method of software development that is specifically designed to run in cloud environments. It involves building applications using microservices, containers, and serverless computing, and relies heavily on automation, scalability, and resiliency. One programming language that has gained popularity in the cloud native development space is Go. In this article, we will explore why Go is the preferred choice for cloud native development.

Concurrency and Performance

One of the key advantages of Go is its ability to handle concurrency. Go was designed from the ground up to support concurrency, which makes it ideal for building highly scalable, distributed systems. Go’s lightweight goroutines and channels make it easy to write concurrent code, and its garbage collector ensures that memory management is efficient and effective. Additionally, Go is a compiled language, which means that it is fast and performs well even on low-end hardware.

Small Binary Size

Another advantage of Go is its small binary size. Go is a statically compiled language, which means that all dependencies are compiled into the final binary. This results in a binary that is much smaller than those generated by interpreted languages, such as Python or Ruby. This makes Go ideal for building containers, which need to be small and lightweight.

Easy to Learn

Go is a simple and easy-to-learn language. Its syntax is straightforward and easy to read, which makes it accessible to developers who are new to the language. Additionally, Go’s standard library is well-documented and provides a wide range of useful functions and packages, which makes it easy to get started with building applications.

Integration with Other Tools

Go integrates well with other cloud native tools, such as Kubernetes, Docker, and Prometheus. This makes it easy to build applications that can be deployed and managed in a cloud environment. Additionally, Go has a robust set of libraries and tools for working with APIs, databases, and other common web technologies.

Open Source Community

Finally, Go has a large and active open source community. This means that there are many libraries and tools available for developers to use, as well as a wealth of knowledge and resources available online. Additionally, the Go community is known for its inclusivity and diversity, which makes it a welcoming place for developers of all backgrounds.


Go is the preferred choice for cloud native development because of its ability to handle concurrency, small binary size, ease of learning, integration with other tools, and active open source community. As cloud native development continues to grow in popularity, we can expect to see more developers and organizations adopt Go as their language of choice

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